Powder Coating


What is powder coating? 

Powder Coating, sometimes described as “powder painting,” is a dry finishing process that has become super popular since its beginning in North America in 1961. It represents over fifteen percent of the total industrial finishing market. Powder is used on a large range of products, such as rims/wheels, motorcycle and bicycle frames, engine and valve covers. Lots of companies need powder coatings for a good, long lasting finish, that lets them maximize production, improve efficiencies, and make environmental compliance easier. Used as functional, protective, and decorative finishes, powder coatings are available in seemingly endless options of colors and textures. Excellent performance properties have resulted from many technological advancements and have increased the popularity of the trade. If you need a powder coat in  the Tampa Bay area look no further and contact us today!

Powder coating vs. Wet paint

Powder coating is a safe process, low in toxicity and flammability that provides not only color, Anything that can withstand a temperature of 450° can be coated in just about any color imaginable.  Powder coating process is often quicker and more efficient than wet paint. is more resistant to cracking, peeling, chipping, abrasion and rust, and provides superior color retention.                                                 

How Long Does A Powder Coat Last?

One of the main benefits of powder coating is its ability to stand the test of time and remain your loyal servant before it needs a reapplication. It is celebrated for its resistance to weather, corrosion, and harsh chemicals.  Ultimately, all good things must come to an end. Thankfully, a good powder coat can last as long as up to 20 years. However, there are some things that can affect this estimation. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, the specific type of powder used, and poor or no pre-treatment to the surface that is to be coated. Our team are pros and our proven state of the art application process guarantees that you will get the biggest bang for your buck and your powder painting will last the longest.

How much does powder coating cost?

It’s difficult to say how much powder coating costs because it is a custom project. It will vary based on length, size, dimensions and number of items. Overall, powder coating is an affordable and a smart investment. Don’t hesitate to  contact us today and get a FREE quote.

How do i care for my powder coat?

Once applied, it’s important to properly care for your powder coat, just like you would for any kind of paint. Don’t use any abrasive cleaners like scourers or steel wool. Do not use any solvents where possible. If it’s absolutely necessary to take something off using a solvent like an adhesive, then you will want to use the weakest solvent available. Never use gasoline, kerosene, kitchen or bathroom cleaners, and paint thinners. Isopropyl alcohol, white or methylated spirits would be a smart choice. Additionally, it’s recommended that you test a small and unnoticeable area prior to trying to use the solvent on a large area. After removal of the contaminant, the solvent needs to be dried from the film, and the area that has been exposed to the solvent has to be washed with a mild soap or detergent and rinsed with water to make sure the solvent residues are completely removed.

Can I do powder coating myself?

Powder coating equipment can be expensive and the process should be done and monitored by a professional for the following reasons. First and foremost and often overlooked, the most important step in powder coating is preparation. It is vital that your part is sandblasted in order to remove any imperfections or blemishes or else the coat will not be applied evenly and will look sloppy. After media blasting, the part needs to be pre-treated chemically in order to provide corrosion protection and increase the sticking power of the powder. The next step will be powder application and powder coating guns can cost anywhere from $100-$200 and can fail easily if not properly maintained. You will need to purchase the powder and many manufacturers require you buy in bulk. Often times you can purchase powder from online retailers or home improvement stores but beware because these powders will be made with cheap materials that degrade quickly, buyer beware. We purchase our materials from industry leading manufacturers and go through a rigorous testing process before they are added into our inventory. In order to be able to apply the powder, the gun will need to be hooked up to an air compressor. After application, the powder will need to be cured in an oven. It is very important that the temperature stays constant so the powder can be fully hashed and cured. As you can see, the entire metal coating process requires extensive material, equipment, and craftsmanship. Our powder coaters in Tampa, FL have thorough training in every step of the process and it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals.

Powder Coating Benefits


As far as the finish is concerned, powder coating is more durable than most other options. When it cures, the powder will form chemical bonds in the process and create a flexible, durable finish.

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